Schwerpunktprogramm Imaging in Disease (Bildgebung bei Krankheitsprozessen)

Schwerpunktprogramme (Focus programs, SPPs) are a line of intramural research funding of the Department of Medicine at University of Lübeck. The SPP III – Imaging in Disease / Bildgebung bei Krankheitsprozessen – was an initiative of clinics and institutes in the CIS. Speakers of the SPP were

The initiative focused on

  • imaging devices for medical application: dedicated development for specific applications
  • imaging agents: tracers, ligands, effector molecules
  • software: artefact correction, quantification, therapy support based on medical images.

These topics were covered by 5 research projects:

1. Magnetic Particle Imaging-guided sentinel lymph node biopsy in mamma carcinoma (Dominique Finas, UKSH, Dep. of Gynecology)

(2) Molecular imaging of inflammation at the surface of implants (Inga Buchmann, UKSH, Dep. of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine)

(3) Intravital 5D microscopy of inflammation processes in mucosae (Antje Klinger, Institute for Anatomy)

(4) Peptide-mediated intra- or extracellular accumulation of magnetic nanoparticles for visualising tumors and tumor-associated stem cell migration by means of MPI (Ralph Pries, UKSH, Dep. of Otorhinolaringology, Head and Neck Surgery)

(5) Transport mechanisms and visualisation of superparamagnetic contrast agents using MPI and MRT (Florian Vogt, UKSH, Dep. of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine)